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Nathan M. Rogow 


Nathan M. Rogow is celebrating his 5th decade as an entrepreneur, senior executive and executive advisor to public, private and government CEO’s and senior executives, in organizational structure and development, strategic execution of the business model, market analysis and strategic penetration of B2C and B2B products.  He continues those capacities with Potomac Business Group as advisor to its clients and to Herbert Ezrin, CEO.  He holds a Maryland Real Estate Broker License – Commercial designation, Certified Property Manager and Chartered Certified Investment Member.

Called by many a true “Renaissance Man,” Nathan is an author, and  dynamic platform speaker who has spoken internationally to the power of Maxwell Maltz’s Self Imaging and Goal Setting and its direct impact on personal and corporate objectives, community economic development and philanthropy, where he speaks from personal experience as chairman of record breaking campaigns.  His leadership example has changed upward the personal and spiritual fortunes of hundreds of clients and students.

Beginning in retail merchandising and distribution, his university parallel majors with economics, his keen business insights and incisive analysis enable “seeing the big picture in small pieces.”  Working with the company’s senior executive team he turned around one of the country’s largest regional distributors of an international consumer brand. The result was transformational and  senior executives retained him to create and assemble the legal and financial teams to execute among the early Reverse LBO’s, resulting in his clients’ effectively selling itself to itself and then to a public company in a complete liquidation.   Later, as store manager for the country’s leading women’s retailer in its market, he built a new location into the region’s 2nd highest sales per square foot store, innovating award winning in-store merchandising concepts which became the brand’s most nationally recognized sale driving in-store fashion feature; along the way he set a long-standing credit sales record.

Nathan was among the first to recognize investment real estate as an under-managed asset and guided formation of Real Estate Asset Management as a profession. His company became one of the largest privately owned in the country.

He is Broker and Managing Principal of Fortune Real Estate Management, a property management, brokerage and consulting firm, and Associate Broker, Commercial, Turning Point Real Estate.

Nathan is a long time Maryland Certified Real Estate Instructor to brokers and agents and has launched or advanced the careers of hundreds of students throughout the country, with whom he maintains contact.